Danish with an Alpine Profile

AlpenTravel is 100% Danish owned, but with offices in Austria and Denmark. We have managed and rented properties in Austria since 2007, and through the years, AlpenTravel has developed into a rock solid rental company.

We are a dynamic organization with a staff of employees of varied national origins, striving for familiarity with our products on a local level, so we can keep service and information for our clients and our guests as the highest priority.

We strictly rent properties located in or near ski areas. We have administrative offices in Austria and a sales department in Denmark.

We are the only rental agency providing management services near select destinations.

We would also be happy to conduct the sale of your vacation home.

Our Objective

Our goal is for you as a landlord to optimize your profits while experiencing your collaboration with AlpenTravel as worry-free and hassle-free.

Rental services through AlpenTravel provide you much more than high rates of occupancy.

The cornerstones of our business are




We always strive for this to be the experience of our clients and guests when they partner with AlpenTravel.