In addition to facilitating rental of your vacation home, our sales and service departments also handle the following tasks:

Key Delivery

AlpenTravel is instrumental in delivering keys and checking renters in and out at the destination. We prepare arrival lists and handle registration and collection of tourist tax, which we pass on to the local authorities.


After every stay, we arrange for cleaning of the apartment and ensure that it is ready for the next party of guests. Twice a year, a thorough cleaning of the house is performed. The thorough cleaning is charged to the owner separately.

Cleaning after each stay is charged to the guest.

Checking the Apartment

At the end of every stay, we check the apartment, including whether there are defects that need repairing or replenishing service is needed. We arrange for replenishing and repairing.

Replenishing and repairing of defects are charged separately.



AlpenTravel is responsible for collecting the rent on the booked vacation home from the guest, and we collect the fee in the event of a cancellation. We settle accounts with the owners monthly. Please see the contract for more information.

Customer service

We are located in Austria, and, of course, we are available, so our guests always experience a high service standard. Our staff has an international background and we speak the Scandinavian languages in addition to English and German.

We can help solve problems as they arise, as well as answer questions about things like restaurants, stores, ski lifts, excursions, and adventure packages.


Guests can pre-order bedding and towels from AlpenTravel. We make sure it’s ready in the vacation home upon arrival.

Advantages for you

AlpenTravel gives you access to our booking system, where you can always get a comprehensive view of the rental. Here, you can also do your own bookings.

By entering into a contract with AlpenTravel, you receive a login name and a password, as well as instructions for our user-friendly booking system.

We always ensure that the vacation homes offered is adjusted as we book, so that you, as a client and our prospective guests always see the correct availability.

We optimize the revenue on your vacation home, and AlpenTravel assumes all communication and ensures that your vacation home receives global exposure.

We offer customer service and an International staff, and we speak German, English, and the Scandinavian languages.

When entering into a contract with AlpenTravel, all the practical and administrative work passes to AlpenTravel and we ensure a high standard of service for our guests.


Booking system

Optimized profits

High standard of service for your guests