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860km Total


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Cross country

714 km



With the opening of the G-LINK aerial lift, Wagrain is making its mark in the world in earnest. This is because this spectacular tramway is the first to traverse several valleys.

Thereby, the ski areas of Grießenkareck and Grafenberg are now connected, thus creating a perfect network for the entire ski area. By using the Wagrain aerial lift, skiers are now, for the first time, able to commute between Flachau and St.Johann/Alpendorf without getting on the bus. G-LINK and the perfectly prepared slopes make this an outstanding experience. Skiers can now romp around a 1025-acre ski area with 350 kilometers of slopes and a total of 45 ultramodern ski lifts and tramways.

It is no wonder that charming Wagrain has become a huge favorite with families with children. This is the perfect place to introduce your children to the Alps and see them develop into strong skiers. The slopes are wide, well designed, and easy to navigate. Go along the wide slopes, or choose various descents to meet each other at “snow plazas” further down the mountain.

Wagrain offers dream slopes for carving kings! The long, wide, red slopes are beckoning you to do the turns that put a great big smile on your face and remind you why you love ski vacations.

Wagrain offers a blend between a village environment and a tourist-skiing environment. This combination makes for a very charming atmosphere that can only affect the mood of any Dane positively. You may want to start with a little swim in the town’s big water park, which is often a big hit with the little ones. Afterwards, it’s a good time for an amazing dinner. You don’t want to miss a visit to one of Wagrain’s fabulous restaurants. Finally, after the kids are in bed, you might want to make a quick trip to the bar in the hotel basement or stop in at one of the town pubs.


Haus Obauer

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